Trivia: Jeong Dong-Ha and Kim Tae-Won

If you read my posting on Boohwal’s appearance in the TV talk show “Nollowa,” you’d know that both Kim Tae-Won and Jeong Dong-Ha are.. “detailed” people. I wouldn’t say perfectionist, coz I don’t know how they are as a person…

The two appeared as guests in this radio session “Narusha’s Volume Up” a few days ago in a corner called “is it just me?” (나만 그런가요?” A listener sent a question whether it was only him(or her) who likes to keep the time up to the minute. Kim Tae-Won said that his wife always compliment his ramyon (noodles) for it taste just perfect. His secret is: he follows the instruction, word per word, including the length of time you should boil the water when you’re making ramyon. He put on a timer to keep the time! Jeong Dong-Ha said,”but don’t everybody do so?” Erm… no, most people wouldn’t keep a timer .. I guess..? Do you? ^^

Well, there it is, a trivial fact about Jeong Dong-Ha and Kim Tae-Won: they make the best ramyon coz they keep a timer when they’re making it. Kim Tae-Won, especially, puts much importance about punctuality. He could be pissed for an hour and don’t talk to anyone when they show up late. He requires people to come at least 10 minutes earlier when they have appointment with him. Whereas Jeong Dong-Ha, keeps the time up to the minute. Meaning he won’t come 10 minutes earlier, but he’ll get there at 00:00 sharp.. ^^

Now, I’d like to make a ramyon for myself… hm.. but it’s 10pm.. maybe I’ll just have some bread.. (^^)

One Response to “Trivia: Jeong Dong-Ha and Kim Tae-Won”

  1. shintaerin Says:

    cute dongha ❤

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