Copyright Ambassador Kim Tae-Won

국민할매 김태원, `저작권송` 발표

Kim Tae-Won Announcing “Copyright Song”

Boohwal’s Kim Tae Won is now entrusted to become “Copyright Ambassador”.

This coming 26th of April (Monday), Kim Tae-Won is scheduled to attend “The 10th International Intellectual Property Rights Day”‘ Anniversary at 11 am in Korea Press Center International Meeting Hall.

On this event, Kim Tae-Won will be officially appointed as Copyright Ambassador, as well as they will release the music video of the world’s first “Copyright Song” which is composed and written by Kim Tae-Won, and brought by Boohwal.  This Copyright Song is started with the words ‘지켜줄수록 아름다운 저작권’ (the more we protect it, the more beautiful copyright becomes); the music video features mangaka (만화가) Kang Phul and entertainer Park Kyung-Rim, among others.

Kim Tae-Won is scheduled to express his opinions about his acceptance to become Copyright Ambassador at 10.30 am before the ceremony begins.



** Wow, Tae-Won Oppa’s gonna be zooper busy this Monday. He’s got this ceremony in the morning, followed with M-Net The Pub shootings, and radio recording in the afternoon/night.. 화이팅 하세요~!^^

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