This is a song that I listen on a daily basis at the moment; I think it’s safe to say that it’s on the top of my Boohwal’s favorites 🙂 Written AND composed by the one and only our 반대제왕 Mr. Bassist Seo Jae-Hyuck ^_^

Ow, Someday is the third track in the latest album Retrospect II.

<Video from Green Plugged Festival, 22 May 2010 ;)>


(Composer: 서재혁, Lyrics: 서재혁)
하늘은 파랗게 (the sky blue)
무조건 그려가던 어린시절엔 (drawing my childhood time)
세상은 다 정해진 듯    (as the world is decided)
다른 것은 하나도 몰랐다  (I don’t know about other things)
친구를 따라서 (following my friends)
어디든 달려가던 어린시절엔 (running anywhere, my childhood time)
세상이 다 내 것이다 (the world was mine)
걱정거리 하나도 없었다 (nothing to worry about)
**그대로 멈춰 (stop right there)
세상에 변해가는 나를 아니
Hey! Hey!
끝도 없이 끝이 없이 달려가는  (running endlessly)
그대로 멈춰 (stop right there)
세상은 혼자일 순 없는거지 (you can’t be alone in the world)
Hey, Hey- Hey!
한번쯤은 한번쯤은 뒤돌아봐  (for once, for about once, look back)
Hey, Hey-
▧ 간주 ♬ ▨
시간을 빨리 돌려 (time turns fast)
어른이 되고 싶던 어린시절엔 (my childhood time, when I wanted to be a grown up)
세상이 다 내 맘처럼 (the world as my heart)
저절로 다 되는 줄 알았다 (I thought everything was easy)
아무런 약속없이 (without making appointments)
친구들 모여 놀던 어린시절엔 (my childhood times, when friends got together and hung out)
세상 모두 다 이야기처럼 (the world, like a story)
사랑하며 사는 줄 알았다 (I thought we could just love and live)
음~ 숨이 찬다
이제는 멈춰 (now stop)
시선을 돌려 (look around)
너를 바라봐 (look at me!)
You got a take someday !
You got a take someday !
You got a take !! some !! day !!!
(take someday)
지금 이 순간 나와 함께 소리 질러 (now, right at this moment, I wanna scream with you)
이제는 멈춰 (now stop)
그대로 멈춰 (stop just like that)
시간을 돌려 (look around)
Some day
오늘을 멈춰 (stop for today)
그대로 멈춰 (stop just like that)
You got a take some –
**P.S. Today is exactly one month since I first started this blog. Thanks for all of you whose keep coming to check it out! 😉
블러그 시작한지 딱 한달 됐네요.. 한달만에 방문수가 650명 넘을 수 있다니.. 역시 부활은 짱이예요!^^ 계속 놀러 와주시고 부활을 많이 사랑하자고요~~~^ㅇ^

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