Wonderful Days Vol.2

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Boohwal’s concert “Wonderful Days Part II” is scheduled for May 21st, 2010 in KBS 88 Olympic Stadium, Seoul. It will be amongst Boohwal’s biggest concert with 3886 seats, and they will perform for approx 150 minutes. The concert starts at 5 pm. (Exact location: 발산역 – Balsan Station, exit 5)

Reservation is open until 4pm on May 20th on:

Yes 24 or Auction or Interpark. (click to open link)

*Next concert schedule: after World Cup, they plan a National Tour*


4 Responses to “Wonderful Days Vol.2”

  1. Jacquelene Says:

    Thank your the info that Boohwal will be holding their concert. I am from Singapore and would love to go to their concert but the booking website is a deterrent because I don’t understand Korean. I hope to see that Boohwal will turn their concerts into DVDs, so that we overseas fans could also enjoy their performance

    • 겁많은사자 Says:

      Hi Jacquelene! I’ll sure pass your message to them! ^_^ Are you thinking of coming to Seoul for the concert next week? If you are, and if you could trust me of course, I could help buy the tickets for you, reply to this comment by leaving your email address and I’ll contact you if you’d like 🙂

      • Jacquelene Says:

        Thank you for the kind offer. But work and family committments do not allow me to fly off at such short notice. I really enjoyed listening to them. I chanced upon them when I was watching Yu Huiyeol Sketchbook on KBSWorld and ever since then I am hooked. It is impossible to get any CDs in Singapore on them. I have bought my copies from YesAsia and there is no way I can get their earlier CDs provided I fly up to Korea. I will continue to visit this blog to read their updates. Thank you.

      • 겁많은사자 Says:

        Good point. I’ll see if I could find out a way how you can get their cd’s abroad! 🙂

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