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The time is 11.35 pm (Tuesday, April 6) and I just got back from Yangjae, where EBS studio is located. I arrived there at around 5.30ish, while the ticket box wasn’t open till 6.30. My friend and I sat in the small cafe they have there and had a cup of coffee, but than 1,2, and 3 ladies came and stood before the ticket box… which weren’t gonna be open for another 40-50 minutes! I.. my biggest weakness is waiting! So you can’t imagine how hard it was for me to approach the 3rd lady and asked if she was standing in line for the ticket.. which she answered yes, so I figured that I should follow their example.. and stood against the wall, waiting for the ticket box to be open in.. some 50 minutes, while there are empty chairs just lying all over in front of me.. T_T Anyhow, I thought I’d get the 4th seat (or 8th, if each person requested for 2 tickets per person), but no…. other fans arrive and join the 2nd and 3rd lady, making a bunch of some more than 10 people in front of me.. T_T ANyhow… my seat wasn’t bad at all ^^ It was A23 and A24, but unlike the map below, I’m actually on the second row from the stage, and right in the very center, in front of center stage. And how do I know I had the best seat? Jae-Hyuck Oppa noticed me when he was looking around when he first entered the stage^^ and Je-Min Oppa was right in front of me, crystal clear and not covered far-back ^^

It was great, the stage was really close. It was just best I don’t feel like going to the big concert in May (but no, of course I’m going!^^) :p ANyhow, they playde Soloist, 가능성, 생각이나, 사랑이란건, Never Ending Story, one song I didn’t know, and then they played the instrumental Jill’s Theme, Lonely Night, 1970 (love this!), Someday (this time perfect! ;), and closed with 비와 당신의 이야기. Taewon Oppa’s string went off in the middle of 비와당신의 이야기 so there was a short period we had to wait for the guitar be fixed, which was filled by… 재혁오빠’s Bambadi and solo bass! 🐱

I also used the same period to take some pictures~~haha (yeah, I wasn’t suppose to :p). They continued playing 비와당신의 이야기, and walked out. On the audience call for encore, they came back and sang 희야  (This time I could clearly see 재혁오빠 make the bell sound ^^).


I know, they aren’t so clear, aren’t they. Sorry about that, I could only took the shots using my cell-phone camera (which is no good..) so not to get caught by the staff ^^;; Ow, another episode. I came to the the studio with a friend … whose rather dark skinned ^^ Tae-Won Oppa, in the middle of his speech, suddenly pointed at.. (I thought me, at first) us, and asked if he were a foreigner, coz he seemed to be dozing off coz he doesn’t understand a word he was saing ^^;; Haha, so for a few seconds all eyes in the studio went to our seats.. ^^;; (I can’t say I didn’t enjoy that, but I swear I never meant for that to happen^^)

Anyways, I waited after the concert, and got to meet some of the members again ^^ and to my top delight, they remember me still!^-^ *ow, happy day*

Ow, today’s concert will on air on EBS Channel on 7 May 2010.


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  1. Liz Says:

    Sweetie, this blog is getting more and more amazing!! Nice work!!

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