Boohwal in “Nollo-wa”

Nollo-wa (Come to play) is a Korean talk show hosted by MC Yoo Jae-Seok and Kim Won-Hee. Boohwal, together with another legendary rock band, Baekdusan, was their guest for 29March/4April broadcast. Both showed up in complete formation, but the talk was more focused to the senior members of the two bands.

Thus I’ll just be short about the broadcast. Tae-Won Oppa introduced his team members as: 반대의 재왕 서재혁 (Emperor of Objection/Resistance, basist Seo Jae-Hyuck), 부상투혼 채제민 (Injury fighter,drummer Che Je-Min), and 인간승리의 표본 정동하 (a specimen of the winning of humanity, vocalist Jeong Dong-Ha), basically he said when he first met Dong-Ha he was like a kid-wolf (늑대아이). He was so quiet, as if he never met people before; and now, he’s turn into human ^^

Scenes about how Korea lacks of rock fans. Baekdusan’s guitarist 김도균 (Kim Do-Gyun), he often uses public transportation, thus it is rather inconvenient if people recognize him on the bus or subway. Jemin Oppa shared his experience taking the subway (after long not taking one), and this couple recognize him being Boohwal’s drummer, while nobody else do. So they approached him and asked for his autograph, which he gave them. But then,… as the couple and he himself were in the subway, he had to be in the same space with the two for sometime. It felt weird.^^(제민오빠, 혹시나 지하철에 마주치게 되면 사인 달라고 하지 않을께요!ㅋㅋ 반갑게 인사만해도 돼죠, 근데? ^-^ㅋㅋ)

Tae-Won Oppa’s top 3: 3 things he lost because of alcohol

1. Woman. Well, he mis-understood the question :p He only ever loved 2 women in his life . The second he met when he was in the 3rd year of high school, and for the last 17 years become his wife. Since Boohwal’s songs are mostly dark and sad, a lot of his inspiration when writing song lyrics come from his first love whom he met in high school 2nd grade. He thought he’d have more inspiration if he had had more experience.. ^^;;

2. Lyrics. Once he was drinking in a bar, and wrote a lyric on a piece of paper, and left it somewhere for he was drunk. A year later, another lyricist released a song with lyrics almost just as he wrote in that piece of paper.

3. Guitar. Back to the time he was drinking everyday (he’s quit for good now) a poor guitarist came to him, and asked Tae-Won Oppa to teach him guitar. But this guitarist didn’t even have a guitar, so Tae-Won Oppa gave him his… because he was drunk! The next morning, he woke up realizing his guitar was no longer there!

But that’s not the end of the story.^^ The once poor guitarist has made his way as a known composer, and knew that Boohwal is looking for a new vocalist at the time. He led Tae-Won Oppa to meet Jeong Dong-Ha, who know become Boohwal’s vocalist and together building a new history of Boohwal’s rebirth ^^ (I wonder who..? I know it was Jae-Hyuck Oppa who knew Dongha Oppa first among the members.. hm..?)

Hobby or character that’s out of the common idea:

# Tae-Won Oppa: loves cleanliness, to the minuteness. He says that since his eyesight is not as good as it used to be anymore, the world becomes much more beautiful coz he couldn’t see the dusts that could drive him cleaning everything all day long. His record: 20 hours non-stop cleaning!

# Dong-Ha Oppa: symmetric-perfectionist! (대칭병) He can’t see anything asymmetrical. He even pointed out that the cabinet in the studio was down to the left :p He had an appendix surgery not long ago, and he felt that the left and right appendix *or something else there* was not symmetrically placed, so he asked the doctor to make it symmetrical.. ^^;;

지막으로 얘기한 것을 거짓말에 대한 얘기였는데.. 왠지 영어로 쓰기 싫어요^^; 태원오빠가 재혁오빠가 얼굴이 사각이라고 메이크업에 대한 것 신경 많이 쓴다고 하네요. 공연전이니까 문제 있어도 계란같다고 해주신대요. 대신 재혁오빠가 태원오빠에게도 거짓말을 한적이 있다고 했어요. 술 끊으신지 얼마 안되 그전에 건강상태가 매우 안좋았다고 했어요. 작년 공연 때 잘 못 하셔도 최고라고 해주시고 힘주고 그랬어요.

부활 놀러와에 나오는 것 되게 좋았어요. 어떤 라디어 방송에 재혁오빠가 태원오빠에게 고마운 말씀이 있다면 얘기했었는데, 옛날에 어떤 live stage에 인터뷰 기간에 의자 두개밖에 안주고 태원오빠와 그당시의 vocal외 멤버 안봤다고 서운했는데 태원오빠 하시던 말씀에 고맙다고 하셨어요. 이제 제민오빠, 재혁오빠, 동하오빠, 태원오빠, 다 같이 팀으로써 나가서 되게 좋죠 ^^ 다음에도 이렇게 같이 자주 볼 수 있으면 좋겠고 말할 기회 더 많았으면 해요^^ 의외의 습관에 대해서 재혁오빠와 제민오빠가 있는지 특히 궁금하는데..7명 눌렀으니까.. 있을 것 같지 않나요? ^^

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  1. jean Says:

    Omg. This post is super funny!!

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