Wonderful Days: Vocalist 정동하

I couldn’t take a lot of his pictures during the concert, being the vocalist he simply moves a lot.. ^^; So a lot of the work displayed here are credited to Boosamo members 🙂 Those that aren’t credited are my work (by wb).

Wonderful Days Concert 21.03.2010


21.03.2010 by wb

during the "event" on Wonderful Days 21.03.2010

There are 2 ladies on the stage, actually (you can see the legs of the other one .. ^^;). I cut the picture coz the other lady’s face is clearly shown, I’m afraid it could be inconvenient for her privacy. On this event, Dong-Ha called 2 audiences to the stage, and sang “Love of My Life” in front of them. He also gave out child’s size T-shirt for each of them (why child’s size? Coz this is not officially Boohwal’s goodies. It was given by an artist that came the other day, and the T-Shirt was his son’s favorite or his business.. (?) I don’t really remember ^^;

credit to 미스마플님 (부사모)

As I wrote in the previous posting, he’s rather sick right now. There are lots of “get well” messages as well as sympathy messages both in Boosamo and Dongha Oppa’s fan cafe. Hope he gets well soon! Oppa, 화이팅! 빨리 회복하시고.. ^^

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