Boohwal’s Wonderful Days Concert

I went to the concert last night (March 19th, 2010). It started at 8.05 pm, and what more can I say but it was awesome! Well, I could say more actually.. but I’ve been writing about this very concert in my personal blog, my facebook, the fan page, each fan page of each band member.. so.. you get the picture ^^

The concert lasted for more than 2 hours.. with some interactive sessions and breaks in between. The band gave 2 anchors, I think it’s a routine though ^^; They played a lot of songs from the 2nd part of the 12th album, which shall be released on the 24th next week (make your order now!!), among others: 사랑이란건 (The thing called love), Someday (written and composed by Seo Jae-Hyuck), and 흑백영화 II (black and white movie II – continuation of part I). Old songs: 희야 (Heeya), 사랑할수록 (the more I love), 1970, Never Ending Story, and many more.. 🙂

For now, I’ll just upload some pictures I took last night. I will go to the last concert again on Sunday (tomorrow) and maybe I will write a more detailed experience then ^^


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